Cath graduated as a primary school teacher in 1990 and moved from Melbourne to Alice Springs to take up her first teaching position at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School, working in the school’s Indigenous Education Unit. With an emphasis on school community partnerships and inclusive education, Cath taught students from pre-school age through to junior secondary levels. Cath then worked at the Institute for Aboriginal Development in Alice Springs as a Lecturer and Workplace Trainer as part of an action research team developing for accreditation purposes certificate level courses in community development. The major workplace component of this course involved the establishment of playgroups in local Aboriginal communities. After travelling and teaching overseas for a couple of years, Cath returned to Melbourne to undertake postgraduate study, completing her Master of Education in 2000. Cath worked at the Department of Education and Training from 2000-2005 within the Koorie Education Development Unit, leading various projects with a focus on improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across Victoria. After launching into parenthood in 2002, Cath discovered the benefits of participating in a local community playgroup first hand and continued to participate as a member of a playgroup following the birth of her second daughter in 2005. Cath commenced working at Playgroup Victoria in 2007 and gradually increased from part time to her current role working full time as the Manager of Playgroup Development. Cath is passionate about the role of parents as first educators and the potential benefits of families working in partnership with educators in the years prior to their child commencing school.